Is your team feeling a little disconnected from each other? Or does everything feel a little surface level, which ends up affecting productivity and profit?

You already know that effective communication increases staff productivity, but you're wondering how do you actually put that into practice so you and your team can thrive in the coming months!

Look no further than Strengthening and Growing Team Relationships - the next instalment in Cathy Sheppard's Reflect, Refocus, Relaunch series.

This 30 minute free course will provide you with fresh new insight into how to grow and nurture your team communication habits and dynamic, allowing your workplace and team to thrive going forward.

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Hi, I’m Cathy Sheppard.

I am passionate about empowering people, leaders and teams – transforming businesses and changing people’s lives. I do this through helping people understand others, and raising awareness of how behaviour and culture affects relationships.

I am an experienced facilitator, helping people and groups learn more about themselves and others, how and why people operate the way they do, what makes teams cohesive, building trust, reducing conflict, improving communication, and empowering managers and leaders to lead their people more effectively. I love seeing the differences this understanding makes in teams and individuals. People working well together makes life and business better!

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